There are several pics in circulation depicting him as Bozo the Clown or Mantan. I say to you Michael Steele : Don’t become another Ken Hamblin. I know most people don’t remember him. He was the conservative known as the “Black Avenger”. Anyway blacks had him cancelled from his position as a talk show host; see we can come together. Sir, if I can call you that, you have become a chameleon of sorts. What your master says you do, if they say dance, you do the jig. When I say jig, you served their purposes well. Let’s see, you spoke out against Affirmative Action. You didn’t get mad when racist incidents were done to undermine you; e.g., the alleged Oreo Gate.

The problem is you don’t know your role, you have become an uppity N-word. The only reason you were chosen for the position, was because of the political climate. The Dems had a black man vs. a white woman, it was a win-win for the Dems. The Reps had to follow suit.  John McCain created one of the worst sins ever, this idiot brought us Sarah Palin, the “Devil in a Red Dress.”  She undermined his campaign for her benefit, making him irrelevant while making herself relevant. Remember the 2008 Republican National Committee Convention, you haven’t seen that many black people since slavery.

Meanwhile the RNC picks Michael Steele to up one over the Dems, let’s give a black person a position of power. For awhile they allowed him to govern the position but they didn’t like his ahem…insubordination. They didn’t like him speaking out on positions the party was opposed to. This landed Steele in hot water plenty of times and now in 2010 the Reps tire of Mr. Steele. They’ve used him for their purposes, whites/Reps are back in power and the token must go. The party has vilified him, they want him out but like a jilted lover he doesn’t get it. They never liked you, you were their N-word. Leave with some grace and pride and think about becoming an Independent. At least you will be judged on your own merits. Lastly, there is a saying in Washington:  When you’re about to get run out of town on a rail, get out in front and call it a parade.

John Jones

The NON-Conformist